Our Team

A silverback gorilla gains its name due to the characteristic “silver saddle” on its back that only comes with maturity

Similarly, our team is made up of experienced, dynamic and committed individuals

Cliford Patrick

Managing Director

Cliford boasts over 27 years of hands-on experience in medical communications field, including a significant tenure at MIMS. He’s collaborated with major brands across different areas of medicine and was among the early adopters of electronic marketing materials in Malaysia’s healthcare scene. 

Having worked extensively across ASEAN, Cliford has gained a deep understanding of various cultures and is driven by his passion for identifying opportunities within the healthcare sector. He thrives on making connections and believes in the power of collaboration to drive positive change in the industry.

Michelle Chin

Scientific Communications Director

Michelle’s journey in the pharmaceutical industry began in sales, where she quickly transitioned into brand management roles, shaping the success of renowned brands such as Lipitor, Olmetec, and Exelon Patch.

She played a pivotal role in crafting the framework for MIMS’ online CPD learning modules, earning accreditation from relevant professional bodies.

Michelle’s multifaceted background also includes formal training as a pharmacist, underpinning her deep understanding of both the clinical and business aspects of the industry.

Angeline Joseph

Business Development

Angeline brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen honed over two decades in healthcare.

Her career includes notable tenures at Abbott, MIMS, and GSK, where she demonstrated excellence across sales, marketing, training, project and event management.

Equipped with an engineering background and HRDC Certified Trainer credentials, Angeline thrives in managing complex challenges and executing projects with precision.